How to publish your golf scores

How to publish your golf scores


Publishing your scores is important for maintaining a consistent handicap index within the  unifiedworld handicap system.

All golfers participating in the club’s internal tournaments must register their scores with Golf Canada when they play this season. Recording your scores is important and mandatory to maintain a consistent handicap index within the World Handicap System ( ) to create balanced teams.

Registration to Golf Canada is free (included in your annual membership). Would you like to take part in our in-house tournaments? Ask Eric Robillard to register you with Golf Canada. He’ll then provide you with an ID number, and you can get your password directly from Golf Canada.

Here’s how to use Golf Canada (please note that the visuals are available in English only):

Log on to

  • Visit
  • Click on “Publish a note
  • Log in using your member login
  • If you’ve forgotten your password, follow the instructions or click here

Post your score

  • Choose your golf course
  • Enter all applicable information
  • Members are encouraged to publish their scores hole by hole to ensure the proper adjustment of the Net Double Bogey (your maximum score per hole for handicap purposes).

Publish using Golf Canada’s mobile application

  • Open the mobile application on your Apple or Android device
  • Press the Publish a score button
  • Choose your golf course
  • Members are encouraged to enter their scores hole by hole
  • Post your score

How can I track my statistics?

  • Members can enter their statistics for each match by selecting the statistics they wish to keep, such as regulated fairways (FIRs), putts, penalty strokes, driving distance, and so on.
  • Publish their score hole by hole and select “Yes” in the “Tracking statistics” bar.
  • Enter the statistics they wish to track and click on “Publish score”.

How do I delete or modify a partition?

Members may modify their scores at any time, but may only delete an unmodified score within 24 hours of publication. After 24 hours, or if a modification has been made, only the club administrator can delete a score. Modified scores will be indicated by a ” # ” next to the score in the scoring file.

  • Click on the ” Crayon ” icon to the right of the appropriate partition.
  • Make your score adjustments and click on ” Publish score “.
  • Some clubs may have changed their default settings (which may not allow golfers to modify or delete at all).

What if the course I played is not in the repertoire?

If the club a golfer is looking for is not on the list, please inform Golf Canada at
or 1.800.263.0009, ext. 4520. All member courses in Canada will appear in the course directory. Please note that courses that are not currently members in Canada do not have valid course and slope evaluations, and scores from these courses cannot be entered for handicap purposes.